"TwitBirthdays? A fun way to know and celebrate the birthdays of your Twitter friends."
@TrendTracker - Glen D. Gilmore, Esq.

"TwitBirthdays.com adds a new dimension to your social media experience. An easy and secure way to keep track of important birthdays."
@jaycbee - Jazz Baker

"This 100% rocks!!!! I love this. What an amazing service! I can't wait to use it...being a great friend = knowing and remembering birthdays."
@tommytrc - Thomas Clifford

"This is a brilliant, safe, easy, fun way to keep up with all your Twitter friends' birthdays & another great side to social media interaction."
@Paul_Steele - Paul Steele

"I love this idea! I think this is going to be a great people connector. I really like that so many issues are well thought out and excited about what's to come in the future too! Brilliant!"
@joycecherrier - Joyce Cherrier

"This is such an awesome idea! I'm already looking forward to using TwitBirthdays to track my closest followers' birthdays -- something that the Twitter website itself cannot do."
@ForrestKoba - Forrest W. Kobayashi

The above are uncompensated remarks from people who had the opportunity
to watch the
TwitBirthdays video in advance.


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